Enabling Global Energy Transition

Bringing US Gulf Coast LNG to Regional and Global Markets

We Believe that LNG is the Ideal ‘Transition Fuel’ for accelerating the evolution to a low-carbon future

Without incremental global LNG supply, unintended consequences, such as increased use of coal and other dirty fuels, will be a likely outcome and transition efforts could falter.

We will differentiate ourselves by our commitment to local community, capital and operations efficiency, innovative commercial models, and safe operations.

Gulfstream LNG will be a ‘Next Generation’ producer committed to transparent pricing of low-carbon LNG under flexible terms for domestic and international markets.

Project Rationale​

The LNG market has become increasingly volatile and political over the past few years.
There is a growing consensus that outside of Qatar / UAE and US, there are a limited number of incremental significant-volume and reliable supply sources. In contrast, between 2024 and 2030, global LNG market demand will grow at least 50% from current levels of over 400 MTPA, largely fueled by growing markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

While the number of US LNG export projects that have been permitted but have not begun construction is sizeable, many of these projects will not ultimately reach Final Investment Decision (FID) or be able to sanction their full permitted volumes. There are comparatively few expansion projects and no new greenfield LNG export projects entering the permitting process for many years. As a result, there will be limited new greenfield US supply options in the future. The long-term supply deficit will result in global LNG prices remaining at elevated levels. 

The case for new ‘Next Generation’ cleaner producing and exporting facilities such as Gulfstream LNG is strong.

Gulfstream LNG is the first new US onshore greenfield LNG export project to enter the FERC permitting process in five years.

The US Gulf Coast has the infrastructure, the natural gas resources, the construction labor force, the community support, and the political will to approve, construct and operate incremental greenfield LNG facilities.

The constraint to growth has been the limited number of suitable sites and few entrepreneurial development companies able to successfully navigate through the development process.

The Gulfstream LNG team secured, under long-term lease, a high-quality site for its next-generation liquefaction facility, has received its Department of Energy (DoE) FTA export permit, selected its technical partners, has begun the FERC permitting process, and is assembling a team that has the experience to bring the project to fruition.

The Gulfstream LNG facility will proudly support the global transition to low-carbon fuels encouraging the displacing of coal and liquid fuels used in the power sector and other markets of Europe, Asia, and elsewhere in the Atlantic basin. It will also evaluate providing cost-efficient bunkering and transport fuel to replace liquid fuel usage in regional markets.

Gulfstream LNG strives to be one of the ‘good guys’ in the industry!”

Vivek Chandra
CEO and Founder
Gulfstream LNG
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